02.06.16. Birdlog

02.06.16. Canada Geese family, No.6 tank, Frodsha Marsh. Bill Morton (8)

Sometimes we just go out birding and we don’t really expect to see anything special so, tonight was one of those times…

02.06.16. Raven, Widnes Warth Marsh. Bill Morton (10)02.06.16. Rabbit (youngster), Widnes Warth Marsh. Bill Morton (6)…An after work birding walk in glorious sun (blessed) shine.

The summering Black-tailed Godwit flock numbered c300 birds with 2 Avocet, 45 Lapwing, 4 Redshank and a lonesome summer Dunlin. A flock of 56 non-breeding Black-headed Gull were loitering about with a much reduced variety of the commoner duck species. A Yellow Wagtail joined up with two Pied’s on the wetter margins of the tank.

There was little of note on No.3 tank with the shallow pools close to the track drying out quickly with the nesting Coot abandoning because of this.

Four Raven headed over at dusk with another on No.5 tank and a couple of Foxes prowled the marshes probably looking out for the numerous young Rabbits that fed unconcerned out on the tracks.

Observers: Arthur Harrison, WSM (all images).