Glossy on the Gowy

27.04.16. Glossy Ibis, Gowy Meadows. Paul Ralston (4)

27.04.16. Glossy Ibis, Gowy Meadows. Paul Ralston (2)27.04.16. Stonechat fledgling, Gowy Meadows. Paul Ralston (2) - CopyA short after work walk along the Gowy Meadows this evening was rewarding with a Wheatear, Whinchat and Stonechat being a pleasant reminder that Spring was here. A family of Stonechat I came across had a brood with a recently fledged youngster sitting on a fence. Despite the cold weather birds were getting on with rising broods.

I also watched a Fox was digging as fast as it could in the ground and soon after left in a hurry with a Rabbit clutched in its jaws. On the way back to my car a Glossy Ibis was seen in the company of 2 Little Egret and all three birds landed in a wet part of the meadows and then soon after they flew together heading over Stanlow to Ince Marsh.

27.04.16. Whinchat, Gowy Meadows. Paul Ralston (2) - Copy

Park in the lay-by next to the church in Thornton-le-moors, opposite is a gate leading to the meadows. Another access point is along the A5117 where it crosses over the River Gowy.

Observer and images: Paul Ralston.

1 thought on “Glossy on the Gowy

  1. The Gowy meadows can be accessed from footpaths at the village of Thorton le moors near the stanlow oil refinary.


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