29.12.15. Birdlog

29.12.15. Birdlog

29.12.15. Stonechat, Frodsham Marsh, Marsh. Findlay WildeA female Stonechat, 14 Curlew were present on No.6 tank while 14 Lapwing were on No.3 tank. Also noted 2 Kestrel, 2 Buzzard and Pied Wagtail scattered across No.6 with a Grey Wagtail with them.

Observers: Nigel and Findlay Wilde (image 1, 4 & 8).

29.12.15. Golden Plovers, Ince Marsh. Shaun Hickey

A Short-eared Owl was along the banks of No.4 tank where a young Marsh Harrier was also seeking out food. Other raptors included 3 Kestrel and .6 Buzzard. The fields west of the tank held c1000 Golden Plover, c2000 Lapwing and 60 Curlew.

The flooded fields attracted 5 Grey Heron and 4 Little Egret.

A large tit flock contained Long-tailed, Blue and a couple of Coal Tit probably 30 birds in all. A scattering of Linnet and Goldfinch along with 6 Mistle Thrush and just a hand full of Redwing.

Observer: Shaun Hickey (images 2 & 5).

29.12.15. Great Crested Grebe, MC, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

Curlew by Findlay WildeWe did a five-mile hike this afternoon to attempt to cover more ground than usual. Despite a thorough search and a combination of shooters lined along the edge of Frodsham Score birds were few in variety but impressive in quality.

The watch from No.4 tank over Frodsham Score on the rising tide featured a single Great White Egret, 8 Little Egret, 16 Whooper Swan, 600 Golden Plover and 2000 Lapwing. There were tens of thousands of Dunlin in their really impressive ‘Mersey Snake’, that is long lines of murmurating birds stringing out into a serpent like form. I think we are blessed to have this natural phenomenon our door step and something which should be appreciated more than it is locally.

Ince Marsh. Shaun Hickey

The usual murder of crows were scavenging off the mutton carcases out on the marsh with the occasional Common Buzzard vying for their spoils.

29.12.15. Merlin (female), Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

29.12.15. Merlin, Frodsham Marsh. Bill MortonA female Merlin was perched along the score marsh fence and then relocated to its favourite perch by the Manchester Ship Canal path.

The impressive flocks that Shaun had seen earlier were relocated on the salt marsh and provided a good diversion from attempting to see the immature Shag which Mr Craven had spotted from Within Way across the river. However, it must have been flushed by the tide because we couldn’t find the bird from our advantage point.

Little Grebe by Findlay Wilde

Despite a thorough scan of the 500 Common Teal on No.6 tank we couldn’t locate the Green-winged but a text from Duffy to say one was at BMW was probably the reason why we couldn’t find it?

Other ducks present included: 42 Common Pochard, 12 Tufted Duck, 12 Gadwall and 12 Shoveler.

Observers: Sparky, WSM (images 3, 6-7).