28.11.15. Birdlog

28.11.15. Birdlog

Kestrel, Tony BroomeIn the bleak mid winter and it felt like it today on the marsh. I wimped out and wisely used the car for watching from. The pools on the mitigation of No.3 tank are filling up nicely  with all the rain that is falling since yesterday tea time. The newly created scrapes at the northern side need a lot more water yet. Otherwise the pools already filling up held a small party of Mute Swan.

The usual Raven parties were patrolling the banks of Frodsham Score with scouting parties heading across the marsh on the lookout for sheep carrion. A Common Buzzard flew over the secluded pool and flushed out 34 Common Teal and a Shoveler. Elsewhere, Common Teal on the main body of No.6 tank attracted more teal mostly seeking shelter in the vegetation along with 23 Gadwall with the drakes in the act of nuptial displaying. A lone drake Pintail braved the elements and was feeding in the centre of the tank.

High tide brought in a few small (several hundred) Dunlin with a duo of Ruff in tow. Apart from the buzzard there were two Kestrel hunting the sludge tank banks while a couple of flocks of Fieldfare were enjoying the benefits of a late crop of hawthorn berries at the horse paddock and below the inside basin of No.6 tank.

Observer: WSM.

Image by Tony Broome.

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