15.11.15. Birdlog

15.11.15. Birdlog

15.11.15. Bonxie from Hale shore. Dave Craven (4)

15.11.15. Bonxie from Hale shore. Dave Craven (2)Just after noon an adult winter plumaged Great Northern Diver (DC) flew into the Mersey Estuary from the river mouth on the incoming tide. The diver was observed opposite Hale Park area of the north shore and was eventually seen by WeBS counters (SH) looking out from Frodsham Score. Shortly after a Bonxie (DC) appeared and settled on the water mid river it was also picked up from Frodsham Score (FD, SH, AMB). A couple of Kittiwake (DC) were blown upriver but typical for the species they didn’t linger for long and went unnoticed by others watching the water.

15.11.15. Brent Geese, Frodsham Score, Frodsham Marsh. Tony Broome (1)

15.11.15. Merlin hunting Starlings from Hale shore.Not to be out done the Frodsham boys pulled back 5 Pale-bellied Brent Goose (one bird third from left looks darker, possible dark juvenile?) which dropped in, fed on the short turf on the edge of the Score. They moved along in short flights, before flying up and away to come down at Pickering’s Pasture where DC successfully twitched them.

A Red-breasted Merganser (red-head) flew in and fed just below the bank most of the time before flying off west.

15.11.15. Frodsham Score. Shaun Hickey

15.11.15. View from Frodsham Score, Frodsham Marsh. Tony Broome.

15.11.15. Growhow works from No.6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Tony Broome.A Short-eared Owl  flew up high and was mobbed by 5 corvids over No.6 tank, plus another two were hunting together on No.5 tank.

Out on Frodsham Score were Grey Plover, 250 Wigeon, a couple of Peregrine  was out hunting the avian bounty from Frodsham Score off No.4 tank. Also noted a Merlin was doing the business against the Starling flocks. A Sparrowhawk also joined the party with the Starling flocks over No.6 at dusk. There were several 1000 Dunlin swirling about before and after the tide, A couple of Great White Egret, joined the 3 Whooper Swan on the marsh…What a day!


Observers: Tony Broome (images 3, 6-7), Dave Craven (images 1-2 & 4), Frank Duff, Shaun Hickey (images 5, 8-14).

NB. Nearby a Red-throated Diver was spotted at Eastham on the WeBS count there.

What was presumably the same Bonxie was seen earlier off the Dingle shore where a Shag was also seen flying up river (PB).

1 thought on “15.11.15. Birdlog

  1. What was presumably the same bonxie made it as far as Dingle shore before heading high inland to the north. Also a shag flew downriver here.


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