16.09.15. Birdlog

16.09.15. Birdlog

16.09.15. Shoveler, Black-necked & Little Grebe, No.6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

16.09.15. Black Tern, Weaver Bend, Frodsham Marsh. Mike GiverinWe’re celebrating two whole weeks of Black-necked Grebe attendance on No.6 tank and tonight it was associating with a Little Grebe and like Wesley Snipes said in the film ‘Passenger 57‘ “always bet on black”. So, earlier in the day Mike Giverin found a Black Tern on the Weaver Bend which was twitched successfully by Mr Duff (well done to both). However, it was not available for a viewing when I knocked off work (sad face icon inserted here…).

Frivolity apart, there was a sizable build up of Little Grebe on the Weaver Estuary with a flock of 17 birds and this goes to show a successful breeding season for that species locally. A couple of Common Sandpiper were quarreling on the river edge while Great Crested Grebe and 45 Coot were part of an autumn build up here.

The Peregrine continues to use the blue-topped chimney at Weston Point and was watching lordly across the marsh.

No.6 tank was awash with ducks which included: 254 Tufted Duck, 14 Shoveler, 23 Gadwall, 17 Shelduck, 49 Mallard with 7 Pintail, 12 Wigeon and 120 Common Teal.

Observers: Mike Giverin (image 2), Frank Duff, WSM (image 1)

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