19.07.15. Birdlog

19.07.15. Birdlog

19.07.15. Turnstone, No.6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Alyn Chambers .

An over high tide watch at No.6 tank saw a Turnstone appear with a single Knot, 4 Ruff, 1 Common Sandpiper, 75 Dunlin and 25 Redshank with the Black-tailed Godwit flock from yesterday. 1 Common Gull joined the Black-headed Gulls.

The female Marsh Harrier was over No. 4 tank.

The Weaver Bend had 4 Avocet (3 Adult and 1 Chick) and a Common Sandpiper while nearby the Weaver estuary held 150 Coot and a Common Tern flew out towards the Mersey.

A further Common Sandpiper was on the Manchester Ship Canal below Marsh Farm.

Observer: Alyn Chambers (image 1).

19.07.15. Marsh Harrier, No.6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Paul Ralston (3)

A late afternoon walk around No.6 tank which produced the following sightings: A Chiffchaff seen and heard at the entrance ramp alongside a family of Wren. Many young Goldfinch feeding on the thistle heads with smaller numbers of Linnet in the area.

Common Shelduck and Tufted Duck made up the majority of wildfowl on the open water with a good many Mallard and several Common Teal also seen. The Black-tailed Godwits fed on the edge of the water with Redshank and Dunlin.

19.07.15. Marsh Harrier, No.6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Paul Ralston (2)

A female Marsh Harrier drifted over the dried up mitigation pool putting several Lapwing in to the air. The Splashing Pool held more Mallard and Tufted Duck with the addition of Coot and a single Little Grebe. The dredger was pumping more black water on to No.6 tank and the Black-headed Gulls some of which are moulting out of their breeding plumage were taking advantage of the insects disturbed by the rushing water.

Along Lordship Lane a Common Whitethroat was still feeding a late brood and young Sedge Warblers were feeding themselves in the vegetation . A juvenile Marsh Harrier had a disagreement with a Common Buzzard and then carried on hunting the banks alongside six. A couple of hundred Swift were feeding high up before they begin their push on a long migration south and were joined by small numbers of Swallow and House Martin.

A Red Kite on the Runcorn express way by the I C I works early on in the afternoon it’s the second time I have encountered it in the same area since Monday last.

Observer (and images 2-3): Paul Ralston

Nature Notes #46

Nature Notes #46

19.07.15. Diving Beetle, Black Lake, Dealmere Forest. Bill Morton (1)

It’s been a while since we did a nature notes for this blog so after a walk up to Pale Heights and down to Black Lake at Delamere Forest for a ramble and decided to put this post out.

19.07.15. Comma Butterfly in flight, Dealmere Forest. Bill Morton

19.07.15. Carrion Crow, Dealmere Forest. Bill MortonThe road up to Pale Heights had five Comma Butterflies with 3 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Gatekeeper and a couple of Meadow Browns so not an abundance of these critters about there.19.07.15. Meadow Grasshopper, Black Lake, Dealmere Forest. Bill Morton (4)

19.07.15. Meadow Grasshopper, Black Lake, Dealmere Forest. Bill Morton (1)19.07.15. Meadow Grasshopper, Black Lake, Dealmere Forest. Bill Morton (3)We continued up and over the heights passing the ‘counties stone circle’ high above the forest, where young Carrion Crows were actively seeking scraps of food from picnickers.

Eventually we made our way down to the banks of Black Lake and apart from a few damselflies and a Four-spotted Chaser there was little of note to report.

A small sandy coloured grasshopper was intriguing and I guess it was a Meadow Grasshopper (if you disagree drop me a comment). The grasshopper was very photogenic and provided ample opportunity for for some macro shots.

19.07.15. Diving Beetle, Black Lake, Dealmere Forest. Bill Morton (2)

The above image shows a diving beetle pushing up the water surface tension. When a beetle swims to the surface, it sticks its abdomen out into the air. The beetle traps an air bubble on its abdomen. It can then dive underwater, carrying its air bubble under water so it can remain there for longer.

The header image was taken shortly after the beetle dived and created a chrome effect ripple.

19.07.15. Pond Skater, Black Lake, Dealmere Forest. Bill Morton (2)

A Pond Skater does the opposite from the last image and has the surface tension supporting its body weight  while a small fly zips over.

Observers: Sparky and WSM (and images).