Wind Farm – Habitat Creation and Management Group

Wind Farm – Habitat Creation and Management Group July meeting

Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society have appointed David Norman as their representative to attend Peel Energy’s Habitat Creation and Management Group. I am not a member of CAWOS but I have been involved with the birds of (and birding) Frodsham Marsh for a lot longer than those who wish to shape its future. I have also been involved with the HCMG group since the first meeting last year and along with Frank Duff and Tony Broome we have attempted to voice the views of people who actually birdwatch the marsh. We have also contributed considerably to the data of the area in no small way over four and a half decades.

These are the times to act and not react to decisions made on your behalf by people who don’t have yours and our interests in mind. We are seeking the opinions of birders that actually bird watch the marsh and intend to make your views known at future HCMG meetings, if I am able to attend or not.

You can contact me via email: