The 4 Queens ;O)

The 4 Queens ;O)

25.05.15. Star of the line and the star of the shoreline, New Brighton. Bill Morton

Star of the Cruise line and Star of the Shoreline.

25.05.15. Herring Gulls and the 3 Queens from New Brighton. Bill Morton

Not strictly Frodsham Marsh but as the local corvids fly just a wing beat away. On Bank Holiday Monday me and Sparky spent a full day at New Brighton to watch the gathering of Cunard;s finest boats out on the mouth of the River Mersey. We decided the best option for us would be the shoreline at New Brighton and then walk down to Seacombe ferry terminal. I didn’t want to waste an opportunity of capturing this unique moment and at the same time try and get some local wildlife in the act as well. A selection of images from the day with a few more to follow later…

IMG_3613 copy

Oystercatchers gather on the foreshore while a tug showers one of the big three which manoeuvres into position for their spectacle on the river.

25.05.15. Queen Mary and Common Tern, Seacombe Ferry Terminal. Bill Morton

A Common Tern dives for a fish beside the ferry terminal at Seacombe with the Queen Elizabeth at the cruise terminal in Liverpool in the distance.

25.05.15. Herring Gulls and the 4 Queens from New Brighton. Bill Morton

Typical scouse humour is always on hand and someone put this cardboard cutout of the `fourth` Queen in their bedroom window overlooking the ships.

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