Frodsham Marsh Wind farm: No.4 tank a work in progress

No.4 tank a work in progress

20.03.15. Frodsham Marsh from Helsby Hill,,,

20.03.15. Frodsham Marsh from Helsby Hill.......20.03.15. Frodsham Marsh from Helsby Hill..,... No.4 tank from Helsby Hill. Bill Morton.,.20.03.15. Frodsham Marsh from Helsby Hill.....,.20.03.15. Frodsham Marsh from Helsby Hill.During the eclipse yesterday, I was situated on Helsby Hill which affords some great views across the Mersey and Weaver valleys. Although a low-level hazy mist hung over Frodsham and Helsby marshes, it still gave me the opportunity in capturing some birdseye images of the work in progress on the huge reed bed of No.4 tank. This area is one of fourĀ disused sludge tanks earmarked for wind turbines (if this information is incorrect then I will amend here at a later date). Contractors have recently started work on eradicating the huge reed beds and preparing the land for siting of the turbines. I have included some images of the site and will include others at a later date.

It is still possible to walk around No.6 tank but be aware that this is a working site and heavy plant vehicles will be accessing via Lordship Lane from Ince.

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