Eastern Jackdaw in Runcorn

Eastern Jackdaw in Runcorn

25.12.14. Nordic Jackdaw, Runcorn Heath. Dave Kennedy

During the last couple of winters I have on several occasions seen Jackdaws with a shock of silvery white on their necks, but never had the opportunity to get photographs and at the end of 201 I still hadn’t, but I know someone who did.

The further east you go in Northern Europe the nominate Western Jackdaw (the form we get in the UK) gets replaced by one of the Eastern forms, and one form Corvus monedula monedula aka Nordic Jackdaw has been reported on numerous occasions, mainly during the Autumn and Winter in the UK and Ireland. Although many of these birds maybe intergrades between western and eastern birds.

The video link below shows a bird which I initially found on 13th December 2014 close to the boating lake at Heath Park, Runcorn and then refound by Dave Kennedy who managed to get his video of the bird. He obtained further images (above) and video (below video link) of this bird which appears to be paired with a Western Jackdaw and prospecting a chimney stack at a house close by. Make your own mind up on the racial identification of this bird, but if you are interested in seeing it for yourselves then early morning is best. The flock of seventy-odd birds is best seen before the dog walking co-operatives are out and about. It associates with a ‘normal’ Jackdaw which has some white in the wing, so not too difficult to find.

Christmas Day 2014. Heath Park Football fields, Runcorn. http://vimeo.com/116152088

Second video shows the bird on a chimney top.


Images and video by Dave Kennedy.