16.12.14. Birdlog

16.12.14. Birdlog

16.12.14. Albino Common Sandpiper, MSC, Frodsham Marsh. Paul Ralston

13.12.14. Cattle Egret, Frodsham MarshGreat White Egret on Frodsham Score was followed by the Cattle Egret in amongst the cattle at No.3 tank.

A wandering Cetti’s Warbler called on the east side of No.4 tank. Also nearby a Chiffchaff was also present and another was on the south side of No.6 tank.

The cream-crowned Marsh Harrier was hunting on the north side of No.6 tank and a juvenile Peregrine sat near the pool there for an hour. A flock of 65 Linnet roamed about and a flock of about 75 Goldfinch were feeding at the corner of No.4.

The Starlings roosted on No.6 tank last night and emerged in two waves at 07.50 and 07.55 this morning. They made a muffled roar which reached a crescendo as they emerged from the reeds and rushed southwards to their feeding areas. It was impossible to count them but 10,000 is probably a minimum number. It really was an amazing sight to see so many of them.

Observers: Jean Roberts, Pete Marsh.

Image: Tony Broome.

An albino Common Sandpiper was on the Manchester Ship Canal opposite the Canal Pools this afternoon.

Observer and image: Paul Ralston

Additional local bird information involves two Chiffchaff, 3 Great Spotted Woodpeckers in a trio courtship display, Peregrine calling to its mate and a flock of 50 Golden Plovers flying low over the heathland, all from Runcorn Hill (WSM).

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