04.10.14. Birdlog

04.10.14. Birdlog

04.10.14. Rainbow over No.6 tank. Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

13 Ruff and several Curlew were on the recently ploughed field along Lordship Lane, a little later 5 Ruff joined 6 Greenshank and 2 Dunlin on No.6 tank.

Observer: Frank Duff.

04.10.14. Sparrowhawk over No.6 tank. Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

After work I met up with Paul and Mark and we took a hike around No.6 tank noting little along Lordship Lane where Frank had seen the Ruff earlier in the day. No.3 tank and its continuing mitigation work attracted a small flock of Lapwing. In turn 3 Buzzard were to the activity and they attracted 15 Raven who were either harassing the raptors or enjoying their midair tumbling from the uplift from the raised banks.

A Sparrowhawk flying over had a small flock of Goldfinch trailing behind.

04.10.14. Goldfinch (juvenile), No.4 tank. Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

The sight of an advancing weather front looming in from the Atlantic was most evident and this produced a fine rainbow arching from Weston Point to No.6 tank. Watching over this spectacle was the female Peregrine on the blue-topped chimney. No.6 tank rarely disappoints so, 15 Ruff, a Common Sandpiper and 178 Lapwing with Common Teal numbering 127 with 8 Tufted Duck, a Pintail and numerous Common Shelduck put a smile of the lads faces.

Observers: Paul and Mark Booth, WSM (and images).