Nature Notes #38 (appendage)

Nature Notes #38 (appendage)

During my saunters through the luxurious vegetation that Frodsham Marsh has lots of, I came across two small flies with patterned wings. I’m sure that I’ve seen them before but have never stopped to look properly.

yPHOTO 1  Xyphosia miliaria FM Jun29th14 7791 (1280x966)The first was on Creeping Thistles and as I tried to get some photos, it kept hiding on the far side of the stems and flowers, well aware of my presence. Mainly yellow/orange with green and reddish eyes and patterned wings, it turned out to be a thistle specialist, Xyphosia miliaria. The fly causes galls on thistles. It has no common name which is a pity. If anyone is looking for an English name may I suggest ‘Thistle Gall Fly’?

PHOTO 2 Banded Burdock Fly Terellia tussilaginis prob FM Jul5th14 8056A similar looking fly, yellowish with red and green eyes, but more banded wings, was feeding on Hogweed. Although not easy to identify with 100% certainty, this is probably Banded Burdock Fly Terellia tussilaginis.

Banded Burdock Fly Terellia tussilaginis

Written and images by Tony Broome