07.07.14. Birdlog

07.07.14. Birdlog

07.07.14. Red-necked Grebe, River Weaver, Frodsham Marsh. Lynda Haney

The summer plumaged Red-necked Grebe was still to be found lingering on the Weaver at Frodsham Marsh. If you have the opportunity or are passing through Frodsham Marsh take time out and pay a visit to see this bird.

07.07.14. Osprey, from Norton Marsh. Bill Morton

RNG image by Lynda Haney.

I paid a visit a little further up river this evening to Norton Marsh to see the loitering Osprey. The bird was present on pylons overlooking the lagoons at Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. It was reminiscent to the bird that spent the summer here a few years back. This bird was observed feeding off a large Roach which presumably it had caught a little earlier. On one occasion a tatty looking Marsh Harrier flew over the Osprey and solicited barely a glance from either birds.

I hadn’t been in this area for many years so it was good to relive a few past memories here walking to see the Osprey. The sound of a reeling Grasshopper Warbler and singing Yellowhammer added to a rainy after work visit. Although the tracks looked a little bit more manicured the general feel of the place hadn’t changed much. The location of the hide was a bit puzzling being some way off the actual river, surely it would have been better to position it closer to the shoreline and elevated?

Observer and Osprey image: WSM

1 thought on “07.07.14. Birdlog

  1. The birdhide is positioned off the main flood bank (EA rules) on material out of a borrow pit [just before the hide on the right]. A lot of material was deposited on the bank [or over it] during the 5th December storm surge, giving the vegetation a good feed! Normally the longhorn cattle would be on the Marsh by now and flattened/grazed in front of the hide, but still in the large Marsh Field behind (which was under c1m of water after the surge). We have got material to do some work on the screen etc but havn’t had the chance to do the work yet. Cheers, Duncan.


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