12.06.14. Birdlog

12.06.14. Birdlog

12.06.14. Red-necked Grebe, River Weaver, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

It’s been great to have the chance of seeing two rare Cheshire birds on my doorstep. It gave me the opportunity of seeing, hearing and generally picking up on the nuances that a brief encounter with a rarity doesn’t always present its self. This evening I was alone on the River Weaver by Redwall Reedbed and watching the Red-necked Grebe close into the bank. The grebe would spend 90% of its time sleeping but was still aware of me and its surrounding (one eye kept open). When it did raise from its slumber it appeared startled and gave out a loud call. I managed a few pics but found the process of digi-scoping a bit frustrating when I took my eye of the bird it would invariably become active.

Further along the river an Avocet was flighty and vocal but generally I spent my time with the grebe.The only other highlight was a Peregrine on the blue-topped chimney above the estuary.

12.06.14. Southern Marsh Orchids, River Weaver, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

A meadow near to the river was a riot of colour with loads of Marsh Orchids peeking out from the long grass there.

12.06.14. Lesser Scaup, No.6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

Eventually I tore myself away and paid a visit to see the Lesser Scaup which was marginally more entertaining. The duck could be seen  with Tufties and a couple of Pochard swimming back and to along the banks of the viewing area.

Observer and images: WSM