16.05.14. Birdlog

16.05.14. Birdlog

16.05.14. Sedge Warbler, Redwall reed bed, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

Taking a stroll down the river to check on the ‘new kids on the block’ and only three Avocet chicks were remaining from yesterday. I think you’d expect some of the chicks not to make the long haul.

Great Crested Grebe numbers have increased to 5 pairs displaying (from yesterday) and one pair nest-building. 80 Tufted Duck, 6 Gadwall, 10 Mute Swan, an further Avocet was feeding along the edge of the Weaver estuary and a Common Sandpiper looked small as it manoeuvred its way through the Canada Goose goslings.

16.05.14.Goldfinch singing, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

There were 5 Wheatear along the pipes on No.1 tank and further afield the Marsh Harrier was hunting No.5 tank.

Moorditch Lane and drainage ditch was a hive of small rodent activity with two Water Vole in the flowing water, a Short-tailed Field Vole scurrying across the tarmac track followed soon after by a Common Shrew.

Finally the Peregrine was watching the sun set over the Mersey estuary and a fitting end to the day.

Observers: Mr Cedric, Arthur Harrison, WSM (and images).

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