07.04.14. Birdlog

07.04.14. Birdlog

07.04.14. Little Ringed Plover, No.6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. John Gilbody

White Wagtail

4 Little Ringed Plover and 3 White Wagtail on No. 6 tank early evening (JG).

07.04.14. Male Marsh Harrier, Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde

An evening walk along the south track of No.5 above No.6 tank saw a much reduce number of species and counts. Common Teal totaled 48 birds, while Common Shelduck tallied 57, both Gadwall and Shoveler barely reached double figures. Saving grace were the 27 Tufted Duck on the Splashing Pool.

My walk eventually reached the corner of No.4, 3 and 6 tanks were I met up with Nigel and Heather Wilde. Whilst in conversation our attention was drawn to a pair of the Marsh Harrier overhead and we watched them flying with lazy flapping to the east. Heather was quicker of the draw and fired off some shots with her camera and were surprisingly good considering the light and agility of the harriers.

A small flock of 5 ‘summer’ Golden Plover circled over the grazing fields and dropped to settle immediately low down in the grass with only their heads visible.

Raven are already an iconic Frodsham Marsh bird so it was no surprise to see 20 heading east at dusk, presumably to roost sites further south. A small group of Sand Martin were also noted.

Elsewhere on the marsh the light of the day faded and was replaced by the ambient glow from the many industrial areas surrounding the marsh and caught in the twilight a Short-eared Owl was hunting along Lordship Lane A Water Rail called from a distant reed bed and a Woodcock uplifted from its cover and flew over the path I was walking along.

Finally a pair of Badgers were tending to some house husbandry at a secret location.

Observers: John Gilbody (upper two images),

Nigel & Heather Wilde (and lower image), WSM .

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