08.02.14. Birdlog

08.02.14. Birdlog

08.02.14. Wildfowlers on Frodsham Score.

Despite the cold, the wind and the rain it was a case of buttoning up the coat and grabbing the gloves for a few hours birding on the marsh. First up were the ducks on No. 6 tank and it wasn’t a surprise to see them back on the water, albeit tucked well into the shelter of the banks. 200 Common Teal, 24 Shoveler, 11 Common Pochard, 54 Tufted Duck, 56 Mallard and even the Cormorants were sheltering there.

08.02.14. Lapwing over No. 3 tank. Bill Morton

No 3 tank continued to attract the Golden Plover and Lapwing flocks but with the wind making it difficult to stand let alone keep the scope steady. 08.02.14. Canada geese off no. 1 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

The fields on No. 1 tank held c800 Canada Goose and a few were already paired up and squabbling before they collectively sprung up and headed off to the Weaver estuary.

The wintering Chiffchaff was again on No. 5 tank sheltering out of the chilling wind at the base of a tree.

08.02.14. Embankment on Frodsham Score. Bill Morton

19th century technology and construction meets 21st century British weather. I had a look at the land slip on the banks of Frodsham Score from Marsh Farm after Guido mentioned it on his post recently. The seemingly never-ending rain is beginning to effect the stability of these banks but there again it always has.

08.02.14. Marsh Farm, Frodsham Mars. Bill Morton

A few images for Farmer Chris at Marsh Farm. Observer and images: WSM

08.02.14. Livestock at Marsh Farm. Bill Morton

08.02.14. Livestock at Marsh Farm. Bill Morton