11.01.14. Birdlog

11.01.14. Birdlog

11.01.14. Pintail, No. 6 tank, Frodsham Marsh

I decided to concentrate on watching over No. 6 tank today after the pheasant shooters set up camp on No. 4 & No. 3 tanks and were literally scaring the life out of the local birdlife. No. 3 tank had temporarily held the wintering flock of Golden Plover and Lapwings until their midday roost was interrupted by the gun ho’s!

11.01.14. Pintail, No. 6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton.

168 Common Teal were gathering in the south-east corner of No. 6 tank and a fine selection of Daffy’s were keeping them company. 87 Mallard, 28 Shoveler, 18 Common Pochard, 7 Wigeon, 9 Tufted Duck, 9 Pintail and 65 Common Shelduck made up for the activity going on elsewhere. 8 Redshank were the only waders present and a bit of an anticlimax from last weekend.

11.01.14. No. 6 tank looking north. Frodsham Marsh.  Bill Morton

A pair of adult Peregrine were again watched preening on the big blue chimney at Weston Point

Lichen spp, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton.

Common Yellow Lichen growing on one of the structures on No. 6 tank.

Observer & images: WSM.

11.01.14. Ducks on No. 6 tank, Frodsham Marsh
No.1 tank to the Weaver Bend: 4 Little Grebe, 5 Mute Swan, 6 Redshank, 20 Tufted Duck, 10 Goldeneye  and a Kestrel over the Lum.
Corner of No.1 tank: 30 Teal and across the Weaver estuary by the old wooden I.C.I jetty were c 200 mixed duck species including Wigeon,  Mallard and Teal could not get an exact count as the water was so rough.
Parking area by No.1 tank had 6 Redwing, 1 Bulfinch and several Chaffinch.
Observer: Lee Lappin.