28.12.13. Birdlog

28.12.13. Birdlog

28.12.13. Tractor ralley (who's in need of a tow), Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde.

The Wilde’s managed a first trip to the marsh today, but things didn’t get off to a great start with hovercrafts on one side and a vintage tractor rally going around No.6 tank followed by a huge hail storm!
28.12.13. Vintage Tractor Ralley around No. 6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde.
However, Lordship Lane kept us entertained with a Song Thrush bashing a snail against a rock trying to break it open, all being watched by a bemused looking Pied Wagtail. 
28.12.13. Song Thrush with Snail, Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde.
There was a Buzzard in the hawthorn bushes along Lordship Lane,  Redwing were at various points round No. 6 tank. A flyover by about 8 Curlew, a couple of Shelduck near the pipes on the tank and a Kestrel hunting near the ‘Splashing pool’.
28.12.13. Lapwing in flight, Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde.
A flock of about 1500 Lapwing took flight from Frodsham Score, we were not sure what had spooked them…
28.12.13. Kestral hunting through the melee, Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde.
…but the Kestrel just carried on hovering through the melee as they all flew around him. Nearby a Water Rail was calling.
28.12.13. rainbow over no. 6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde.
And through it all the rainbow shone done on the pot of gold that is ‘Froddie Marsh’.
28.12.13. Phragmities at Dusk, Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde.
Observers and images: Heather, Nigel, Findlay and Harley (The Wilde Bunch).

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