Images of Frodder’s

A selection of images from Frodsham Marsh of late and one or two from the summer of 2013. I’ll add some more over time so check the category on the right of the blog Images of Frodder’s.

21-10-12-dusk-over-no-6-tank-frodsham-marsh. bill morton

A tranquil scene of industry and wilderness.


Lordship Lane

Lordship Lane with the banks of No. 6 tank to the right.

15.05.13. Lordship Lane, Frodsham Marsh

The other end of the track from the above image and the junction with Lordship Lane.

Weaver estuart from Weston. Bill Morton. May 2013.

The Weaver estuary from Weston Road with the industrial plant of Ineos Chlor.


Grassy hay bales at Marsh Farm.

14.05.13. Ship at the Weaver estuary, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton.

These ocean-going vessels have to take a tight left hand turn as they negotiate the Weaver estuary and the Manchester Ship Canal.

27.07.13. ICI sphere, Frodsham Marsh

The ‘Big Golf Balls’ storage container at Ineos Chlor. Any workers out their can tell us their real purpose?


A serene summer scene with the sun slowly sliding low in the sky and illuminating this Elder tree on Frodsham Score.


Big skies and big colours over Frodsham Score


An oily winch alongside the ship canal presumably to haul in the dredging pipes?


It never ceases to amaze the lengths and distances these numpty’s go to fly tip in our countryside. They are usually paid to dump in a domestic refuge site by a householder believing they will use a legitimate location. Generally these people will pocket the money and dump it in areas which are out of sight. Eventually when the illegally dumped items are collected any identifying envelopes with names and addresses will receive the fine.


Weston Point and the watch tower of the power station chimney at Weston Point and the sentry lookout for our resident Peregrines.



A view over No. 6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

No. 6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill morton

A view over No. 6 tank in a variety of angles and taken a few days ago.

All above images by WSM.

22.12.13. Incoming tide at frodsham Score. Dermot Smith.

A rising tide on 22nd December 2013 flooding the salt ,arsh. Image by Dermot Smith

22.12.13. Weaver sluices from frodsham Score. Dermot Smith

Frodsham Score at its eastern end. Image by Dermot Smith

22.12.13. Dunlin flocks, Frodsham Score. Dermot Smith

22.12.13. Incoming tide, Frodsham Score. Dermot Smith.

22.12.13. Waders and ducks, Frodsham Score. Dermot Smith.

22.12.13. Frodsham Score birds on incoming tide. dermot Smith 22.12.13. Wildfowl at Ince Marshes, Dermot Smith

Dunlin flock wheel around looking for a safe refuge and a variety of geese and duck during the high tide on Ince marshes and Frodsham Score. Images by Dermot Smith.

Mersey into the MSC at Ince Marshes. Andy Ankers.

Andy Ankers shocking image from (05.12.13.) the day of the River Mersey tidal surge breaching into the Manchester Ship Canal.

22.12.13. Tidal damage at Ince Marshes, Dermot Smith. 22.12.13. Tidal damage at Ince Marshes, Dermot Smith

Debris stranded after the big tidal surge on 5th December. It was at this and several other points on the salt marsh where on an exceptional tide the River Mersey breached the banks and flowed into the Manchester Ship Canal. Images taken on 22nd December 2013. Images by Dermot Smith.

If you fancy a sense of isolation with wild creatures on the edge of a real wilderness but with the comforting background of Liverpool, the Welsh hills and Hale lighthouse, then join Dermot and the gang. You will be helping to contribute to the BTO’s WeBS counts once a month from a selection of locations along the banks of the River Mersey. Check out this facebook page at


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