Old Tom the Birder (part 1)

Tom Edmondson’s photo’s

Les Baird, Hubert Sinar, Tom Edmondson and Frank R Horrocks

Many years ago there was an old chap who used to visit Frodsham Marsh and would regale tales of his early birding visits to the marsh and many other sites (mainly Pennington Flash) in the North West. Tom was a proper old school bird watcher and he would rise an eyebrow over his spectacles if I ever called him a ‘birder’. One thing Tom had was time to spare and share his love of birds and birdwatching . I’m a sucker for such things especially those pioneers of Cheshire birding in the years following the end of the WWII. Tom was a generous old man and would kindly give me copies of photographs and documentation from the marsh during his pioneering days here.

Frodsham Marsh from Helsby Hill. Tom Edmundson

I will post some more pictures during the course of the next few weeks but in the mean time I have included a photograph he took from Helsby Hill c1960. If you right-click and enlarge the image there are a few unfamiliar things that stick out. Firstly, the horizon shows a rural Runcorn with a lack of urbanisation, the towering power station chimney and I.C.I works at Weston Point stand ahead of the Weaver estuary. Secondly, the only deposit tank is No.1 tank and thirdly, the Merseyside Naturalists Association reserve on Weston Marsh is still intact and finally, there is no M56 motorway!

Top picture are Les Baird, Hubert Sinar, Tom Edmondson and Frank R Horrocks.

Tom died on 27th February 2016 aged 93 years. I intend to give Tom a fitting tribute in due course but If anyone knew him and would like to contribute to a post about him please send me an e-mail via contact at the top of the blog.

1 thought on “Old Tom the Birder (part 1)

  1. Hi
    Looking forward to seeing more old pics of the sight in the future.

    On a more recent note. I see local Frodsham birder Findlay Wilde has had a lovely write up in no less than British Wildlife magazine, (Vol 25, Number 2 Dec 2013. The article is the Twitcher In The Swamp section.He’s going places if he keeps this up.
    John G


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