Nature Notes # 30 (Fungi Thingies)

(Fungi Thingies)

04.11.13. Blusher, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton.

04.11.13. Blusher, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton.Sparky and me spent sometime on a walk through the least populated place in Cheshire today and possibly our second favourite place in the county (well at least my second favourite). No obvious bird sightings apart from flocks of Siskins flying about.

Dave Stewart texted me yesterday to say he was watching a flock of Crossbills from Aston Lane, Delamere before sampling a pint or two of the dark brew at a local hostelry there. Unfortunately there was no sight or sign of any for us today.

All things fungi were on the menu plus some ‘food for free’ foraging with a heavy Sweet chestnut crop hard to ignore collecting, so the stuffing is sorted for the winter festivities.

04.11.13. Pine Bolette, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton.

04.11.13. Milkcap spp, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton.A series of fungi images with some identification requiring further study but as we say it’s a learning process and some of these thingies look very similar (I will correct if necessary).

Images from top to bottom: Blusher; Pine Bolette, Milkcap spp, Leccinum melaneum (taken in Runcorn), Collared Earth Star, and Wood Blewit (taken in Runcorn)? Helvella, Candle Snuff fungi.

All images: WSM (except last by Dave Stewart)

03.11.13. Laccinum melaeum Bolette, Woodside School. Runcorn. Bill Morton (1)

04.11.13. Collared Earth Star, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton.

10.11.13. Helvella fungi, Blakemere, Delamere Forest.10.11.13. Candle Snuff fungi, Blakemere, Delamere Forest.

1st November 2013. Wood Blewit, Rock Savage

10.11.13 Autumn colours, Dead Lake, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton

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