21.10.13. Birdlog

21.10.13. Birdlog

Starling roost, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton

Evening light fades fast at this time of year and it’s also the time when thousands of Starlings gather at dusk to roost in the reed beds or build up the courage to take on the flight to Runcorn bridge.

Late Autumn and early winter are probably the best times to watch the murmurations of Sturnus vulgaris on the marsh. Large flocks can be seen whipping up coordinated pulsating plumes of synchronised flight patterns. So it was that Frank countered in excess of 2,000 Starlings over No 5 tank this evening. Hopefully these flocks will triple in size over the next few months?

Also noted were 12 Snipe and 250 Lapwings.

Observer: Frank Duff