Nature Notes # 29

Nature Notes # 29

A Sunday stroll with Sparky through the forest of Delamere and a chance again to see autumn’s fungal hoard. Today we found 29 stalks of Fly Agaric (with slug damage to several of them) and a pretty impressive display of bolette’s with Suede and Brown Birch being new for us. The mature burst Earth/Puffball  reminds me of the Ridley Scott film ‘Alien’ where John Hurt’s character Kane gets introduced face to facehugger with the Alien egg.

20.10.13. Earth Ball, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton

Apart from the obvious fungi, a flock of 8 Crossbill flying over Dead Lake and later this flock or another flew over the Caravan Park off Station Road. Only other thing of note was a female Black Darter also at Dead Lake.


Pictured from top to bottom:

Earthball, Collared Earth Star, False Chanterelle (?), Angel’s Bonnet, Dark Honey fungus, Armillaria oystoyae, Brown Birch Bolette, Brown Birch Bolete or just possibly roseofractum or similar, Wrinkled Club, Fragile Brittle Cap, an unidentified fungi and Fly Agaric.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAFungi, Delamere. Bill MortonOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20.10.13. Wrinkle Club, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton


20.10.13. Fungi selection., Delamere Forest. Bill Morton

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20.10.13. Fly Agaric, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton

2 Great White Egret and a pale-bellied Brent Goose on Frodsham Score/Ince Marshes per WeBS counters.

Thanks to for some corrections.

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