Nature Notes # 27

Nature Notes # 27

Sparky and myself came across these Parasol fungi on a walk through Tatton Park on Sunday (29th September). Nothing unusual there you would think but these were massive examples of the species compared to ones we have seen previously. The image of the cap (above) measured 35 cm in diameter. Generally seen from July to November and found in meadows at the woodland edge.

Special features: They are conical in shape when young, but as they mature they become almost flat. The caps are a creamy colour with brownish scales, and the gills are also creamy white.

The Parasol mushroom cap is quite tasty if cooked, but can be poisonous if eaten raw.

On a totally different note I found this cracking little critter today moving through Beech trees.

palet tussock larva
A Pale Tussock Larva/caterpillar which had hairy yellow body with a red tail and black body segments. The imaged shown is from UK Safari.

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