29.09.13. Birdlog

29.09.13. Birdlog

GSWoodpecker, Frodsham Marsh. Alyn Chambers
A Great Spotted Woodpecker photographed by Alyn on a fence post at Marsh Farm and a returning flock of 11 Golden Plover were sighted over the farm.

3 Little Egret and 200 Wigeon were on the Frodsham Score.

Black-necked Grebe, 2 Ruff and 2 Curlew Sandpiper again on No 6 tank. Juveniles of both Marsh Harrier and (2) Peregrine were noted.

6 Blackcap in a hawthorn bush on the banks of No 5 tank were gathering for the big push. Autumnal Jays and a couple of Sparrowhawk were on and over No 4 tank. The highlight for one observer (FD) were 2 Kingfisher watched at the CEGB pools and pushes the observers Frodsham Marsh year list ever on.

Observers: Paul Crawley, Alyn Chambers, Frank Duff.

A dusk watch with Frank overlooking No 6 tank from the viewing area was quite eventful with the Black-necked Grebe tending to its plumage prior to roosting up with the local Tufties. c 500 Common Teal, 4 Pintail, 2 Shoveler, 13 Tufted Duck and small numbers of Common Shelduck added to the totals.
29.09.13. Sunset over No 6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton.
Pockets of Raven heading back to their Welsh homeland at dusk and an artillery burst from a Cetti’s Warbler made for a rewarding end as the setting sun illuminated the western horzion.

Observers: Frank Duff, WSM.

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