27.09.13. Local Gen

8 Little Egret present on the River Mersey and salt marsh at Wigg Island, Runcorn. Also reported there was an Osprey for 30 minutes before flying east along the river at 11.30 am. It or another was reported flying west along the Manchester Ship Canal and over Ellesmere Port Boat Museum at 12.30 pm (ties in nicely?).

Observers: Don Weedon, Shaun Hickey.

1 thought on “27.09.13. Local Gen

  1. 28th Sept. River Weaver……..19 little grebe, 72 tufted duck,
    Weaver bend……….16 mute swan, 3 pintail, 53 redshank,2 ruff, 15 black tailed godwit, 75 teal,
    no6 tank……..adult male hobby on pylon near ramp, 2 ruff, 2 curlew sandpiper, 7 ringed plover, 1 redshank, 1 curlew, 1 black necked grebe,
    small pool on no6 tank……..1 little grebe, 3 black tailed godwit.


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