Nature Notes # 26

Nature Notes # 26 09.09.13. juvenile Wheatear, Pale Heights, Delamere. Bill Morton.

Sparky and I had a mixed bag on our walk up and over Pale Heights, Delamere Forest this morning and afternoon.

A juvenile Wheatear hanging out along the fence by the stone circle was quite confiding and allowed close approach. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Further down the track we came across a dead Weasel and can only presume from its injuries (face and forelegs) that it may have met its maker via the sky and dropped by its potential predator (Buzzard). 09.09.13. Toad, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton. 09.09.13. Honey Bee honeycomb, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton.

Next thing we came across was this young Toad making its way across a path. We had witness a mass migration of ‘toadlets’ earlier in the summer so to find a young toad well away from its normal comfort zone was unusual for us.

But without doubt the OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA highlight was finding a honeycomb hanging in a Larch tree and on the edge of the plantation (on the walk down from Pale Heights) and within the honeycomb were tens of dead Honey Bees. It was good to find but would have been better if it was earlier in the summer when the hive was more active.

The Beechwood we often search on the way back to the car is probably the best place to find Common Stinkhorn and it was no surprise to smell the decaying odour long before we found 7 examples on display and each one covered in a variety of flies. We’re looking forward in finding other fungi on future visits. Some like this Bolete spp (below) need further investigation regarding its id?

All images: WSM.


09.09.13. Honey Bee honeycomb, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton. Bolete spp, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Additionally a video filmed from 13.09.13. of some Puffball fungi at Delamere Forest actively encouraged to explode.

09.09.13. Birdlog

09.09.13. Birdlog

09.09.13. Ruddy Shelduck, Frodsham Marsh

09.09.13. Curlew Sandpiper (juv)

46 Tufted Duck, 300 Common Teal and reduced numbers of Common Shelduck all from No 6 tank. Two ‘full’ Ruddy Shelduck were spotted on the Manchester Ship Canal below the canal pools (PR).

1-2 Hobby and a Peregrine between the Holpool Gutter and the ‘splashing pool’ was noteworthy.

2 juvenile Curlew Sandpiper (one with a broken leg), a juvenile Little Stint, 1 Ruff 2 Common Snipe and a single Black-tailed Godwit were on and over No 6 tank.

Kingfisher was again present along the Holpool Gutter.

Observers: Frank Duff, Paul Ralston (upper image), WSM (images).

09.09.13. little Stint (juv), Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton.

A short video of the Little Stint.