23.08.13. Birdlog

23.08.13. Birdlog 23.08.13. Cattle Egret, Frodsham Marsh. Mark Payne Cattle Egret and Marbled Duck (red ring on left leg) on No 6 tank with 500 Common Teal and the Cattle Egret moving to fields east of Lordship Marsh from early evening. 2 (1 juv & moulting adult) Black-necked Grebe, Ruddy Shelduck and a drake Ruddy Duck. A male Ruff, 3 Greenshank, 500 Dunlin, adult Curlew Sandpiper and a Little Stint added contrast here to a thrilling 24 hours. Image: Mark Payne. 23.08.13. Pissing Cow and Cattle Egret, Frodsham Marsh. Patrick Earith Image: Cow and Cow Egret. Patrick Earith. Very short video of the Cow Egret by WSM https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=187353308112201

…and the finders account via his blog here…http://liamsbirding.blogspot.co.uk/ Observers: Liam Langley, Scott Reid et al

3 thoughts on “23.08.13. Birdlog

  1. Hi, anyone know the origin of the red ring on the left leg of the Marbled Duck? Looking at the Spanish Marbled Ducks that have been ringed, none have red rings. Is it likely to have been ringed if it’s an escapee? Cheers, interesting stuff and the Cattle Egret as well 🙂


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