11.08.13. Birdlog

11.08.13. Birdlog

Leucistic Sand Martin, Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde. 1 copy

A flying visit to the marsh this morning resulted in the following high lights: Leucistic Sand Martin watched over No 6 tank. 
Leucistic Sand Martin, Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde. 2 copy

11.08.13. Sparrowhawk, Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde.
Young male Marsh Harrier and Sparrowhawk over No 4 Tank.
Flock of about 100 Canada Geese did a flyover.
Flock of about 60 Lapwings over the canal.
Flock of about 40 Goldfinch over No3 Tank.
Female Bullfinch in thickets on the Marsh Lane bridge (Arthur Harrison).
Never got to see the grebes 😦 but we did see lots of people at the marsh who had turned up to look for them 🙂
Catch up soon.
The Wilde Bunch All images: Heather Wilde

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Facebook links

Two facebook groups to join up with Cheshire & Wirral birders is a group of people interested in the birds of Cheshire & Wirral, and provides a network and a voice for local birdwatchers. The group is self-administered,and is for the benefit of anyone interested in wild birds.

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Shoveler, north-west corner of No6 tank, 17th May 2004

The Birds of Frodsham Marsh on facebook. Some additional items and photographs that don’t make it onto to the blog and an opportunity to make comment.