05.08.13. Birdlog

05.08.13. Birdlog

Frodsham Marsh had 200 Black-tailed Godwit and 500 Dunlin on the south end of No 6 tank during the afternoon.

The leucistic hirundine seen two days ago was re-identified as a Sand Martin after prolonged views.

Observer: Frank Duff.

Spent the evening with the sun setting over Frodsham Score and watching droves of Curlew flighting to roost on No 6 tank was inspired by some sunshine after a day of wet and windy weather. I counted 674 Curlew with still flocks coming in when I left at 9.25 pm. Also included were c10 Whimbrel and 34 Black-tailed Godwit. Likewise, Common Gulls were pre-roost bathing with c400 birds present.

The usual array of ducks included a couple of Ruddy Duck.

Swift numbers were exceptional with 1500 hawking over the southern banks of the tank watched over by a perched Hobby.

Observer: WSM

August 2013. Leucistic Magpie, Runcorn. David Kennedy (2)August 2013. Leucistic Magpie, Runcorn. David Kennedy (3)

August 2013. Leucistic Magpie, Runcorn. David Kennedy (1)

David Kennedy sent these images and the whereabouts of a young leucistic Magpie from Runcorn yesterday.

Its often in Ascot Ave (Off Clifton Road) Runcorn, It associates with the normal Magpie group foraging in and under the cherry trees opposite the shops in Ascot Ave. My shots were taken on the road there and on a local garage roof. Also it perches on the 2 roofs closest to the trees …….. it’s a sit and wait for it job I suppose!

Images and comment: David Kennedy