05.07.13. Nature Notes #21

05.07.13. Nature Notes #21

05.07.13. Brimstone, Pale Heights, Delamere Forest, Bill Morton.

A fine evening stroll up to Pale Heights at Delamere Forest to avoid the throng taking in the Paloma Faith concert at Linmere. Sparky and myself were strolling along ‘Drunks Passage’ when a confiding Brimstone Butterfly eventually stopped to sample the nectar from the Bramble flowers.

05.07.13. Toadlet. Bill Morton.

Sometime later we found upwards of 4-500 toadlets in mass migration across a tarmac track and featured is just one of the several hundred present. 5 and 10 p coins to size approximate.

Observers; Sparky, WSM.

05.07.13. Toadlet, Pale Heights, Delamere Forest, Bill Morton.

05.07.13. Birdlog

05.07.13. Birdlog

50 Shelduck, 40 Tufted Duck, 40 Black-tailed Godwit in small pool. A possible 4 Bar-tailed Godwit among them? A single Water Rail walked through the godwits not taking any notice of them. Goldfinch present in the lane and 3 Tree Sparrow  in tree by the gate on No 6 tank. Also 4 Whitethroat by the largest in tree along the lane of No 5 and 6 tanks plus
6 Sedge Warbler. 4 Ravens and Buzzard also present.
Observer: Lee Lappin