11.06.13. Birdlog

11.06.13. Birdlog

DSC_6389 copy

6 Common Teal roosting up on No 6 tank with 12 Tufted Duck 3 male and a single female Common Pochard. A Ringed Plover joined the teal for a bit of peace away from the territorial disputes going on all around. 3-400 Common Swift hawking at eye level along the track leading to the viewing area. Their piercing shrill calls were like a taser to the head.

DSC_6395 copy

 Not much surprisingly at the marsh apart from a Buzzard that thinks it’s a Kestrel on the edge of No 5 tank and Lordship Lane. Starling and their young on No’s 1 and 2. Raven being mobbed by Carrion Crows on No 2 near a deceased sheep. Some idiots decided it would be a laugh to open the gates to the horses near the motorway bridge (the big horses not the ponies). The girl from the MAVIS farm had just about managed to get them to safety as I arrived. Usual rules apply please report to police if vandals are about.

Observers: Paul Crawley, WSM.

DSC_6399 copy

All images by Paul Crawley

This juvenile Starling reminded us of one of the Babbler species or even a young Cedar Waxwing. Eds

1 thought on “11.06.13. Birdlog

  1. Sat 15th………over 200 black tailed godwits on pools on no6 tank 3pm…….lots in fantastic summer plumage.


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