Ye Olde Fratsum Marshe

Ye Olde Fratsum Marshe

When I was a child in Frodsham us yokels called it ‘Fratsum’ but sadly you don’t hear the local dialect much nowadays and the village of my childhood is now a town populated with different people and accents.

I checked online for the Runcorn name for Frodsham folk ‘Jowy heads’ but the only definition I came across was this piece which probably sums the translation up in a typically bias Runcornian way: “A ‘jowy head’ is a person born & bred in Frodsham with a head shaped like a toby jug, jowy is an old Runcorn slang name. Obviously in times past the people of Runcorn didn’t have much respect for the superior people/money of Fratsum”.

Below ye olde worlde hand drawn map of Cheshire and also a photograph of the River Weaver frozen in 1895. Click the links below for a brief history pdf and additional information for Frodsham.

Frodsham and the marshes c1540

In Words & Pictures



sham Marsh weir and frozen R Weaver 1895

Frodsham Marsh weir and frozen River Weaver 1895