Don’t Scrimp on the Shrimps

The Prawnbroker

Autunm 2012. Kingfisher Paul Ralston......

Last Autumn Arthur Harrison was telling me a story about a birder (Paul Ralston) he met on the marsh who had photographed a Kingfisher in a drainage ditch and down to a few feet along Lordship Lane by the SE corner No.4 tank.

2012. Discarded Shrimps at Frodsham Marsh.

A stock of Prawns dumped into a water course on the marsh.

The bird was watched feeding on live Prawns! It was not until I got the photographs from Paul that I really believed Arthur’s story. Apparently the Prawns had been dumped (by  a fishmonger?) that day because most of the Prawns were still alive in the drainage ditch and provided the Kingfisher with a ready supply of fresh food.

Autunm 2012. Kingfisher, Paul RalstonAutunm 2012. Kingfisher. Paul Ralston

Autunm 2012. Kingfisher. Paul Ralston...The story would have ended there but tonight I received an email from Guido about a similar incident in approximately the same area as last year involving an outflow duct filled with.. Shrimps and again presumably the same thoughtless trader dumping his live stock into an alien environment?

“I got there at 7:00 am . 10 degrees and very wet! Nothing of note other than a Fox near Brook Furlong and lots of ‘live’ Shrimps, (yes Shrimps!) in one of the outflows from No 6 tank. A guy had told me last year that he had seen someone dump shrimps there and that subsequently he saw a Kingfisher in that spot . I thought that this fellow must have smoked too much of that Moroccan stuff . I guess I was wrong.”

Ciao from Guido D’Isidoro.

All images by Paul Ralston.

29.05.13. Birdlog

 29.05.13. Birdlog
29.05.13. Dunnock Frodsham Marsh. Heather Wilde.
A slightly damp trip to the Marsh tonight delivered a beautiful Dunnock waiting to welcome us. Swifts were feeding all along the Lordship Lane side of No 6 tank. An unkindness of Ravens in the fields behind the airfield (at least 20 of them).
A fleeting glimpse of the Marsh Harrier a over the tank. A Coot feeding a single chick in the Splashing pool.
Approx 60 Shelduck dotted around No 6 tank and a pair of Gadwall feeding together.
The smaller pool within No 6 tank hosted 1 Redshank, 2 Shelduck and 10 Tufted Ducks.
Observers: Heather & Nigel Wilde.