Nature Notes # 19

Nature Notes # 18

20.05.13. Flower Moth, Delamere Forest. Bill Morton.

A Flower Moth with those distinctive metallic effect bronze wings and orangey head quiff.

I’ve always had an interest in the natural world around me ever since my mum would take her kiddlings for walks along the muddy tracks of Frodsham Marsh and being pre five years old I remember those walks like it was yesterday. I’m naturally a dawdler and end up being left behind, which is usually a result of something grabbing my attention and as a wide-eyed child in awe of the wonder of the world around me it is still with me to this day. So, when Sparky and I went for a ramble to Pale Heights at Delamere today I recaptured some of those moments and was taken back through time to those earlier days.

With my camera in hand I discovered a variety of flies and day flying moths that were out and about on our walk. Some of these were fairly approachable but the final straw for Sparky was the sight of me laying on my stomach photographing a mating pair of Dung Flies on a pile of horse shit! Threats of “I’m walking off and leaving you to it”, a friendly kick and a tug on my coat collar were enough for me to assemble some of my dignity. I knew that I would return another time, preferably when I didn’t have a distraction. After all it was supposed to be just a walk.

20.05.13. Noon Fly, Pale Heights, Delamere. Bill Morton.A Noon Fly was photographed exactly at noon!

Never one to take these things too seriously I found this hidden image on ‘the fly’ (wrong film) and thought it was too similar to let it pass by, so…

Darth Fly. Bill morton

…Darth Fly.

20.05.13. St Mark's Fly, Pale Heights, Delamere. Bill Morton.

St Mark’s Fly. I haven’t quite got the hang of my macro lens yet and the breezy conditions didn’t help. I’ll get Paul C to give me a few lessons with it.

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