29.04.13. Birdlog

29.04.13. Birdlog

29.04.13. Hybrid Ruddy Sheluck, Moorditch Lane, Frodsham Marsh

Upper Image Paul Crawley and lower image WSM.

29.04.13. Ruddy Shelduck hybrid, Moorditch Lane, frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton.

A pair of hybrid Ruddy Shelducks took up territory in the ploughed field adjacent to Moorditch Lane (approach track to No 6 tank). The way these two are behaving it’s only a matter of time before we hear the sound of pattering (webbed) feet. The male was defending the females honour by chasing off any Common Shelduck who dared approach his betrothed…There goes the neighbourhood! 

Observers: Arthur Harrison, Paul Crawley, WSM.

Arthur managed to get the Cuckoo that is lingering along the track on No 5 – No 6 tanks and a White Wagtail for good measure.

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