20.03.13. Wigg Island

20.03.13. Wigg Island

20.03.13. Sttee on the marsh. Bill Morton

I took a trip to Wigg Island this evening which saw me breaking a long sabbatical from this former patch. One of the highlights was a cream coloured leather armchair sat out on the salt marsh (armchair ticking gone mad).

A locally uncommon Nuthatch feeding in a thicket by the main car park and a Great Spotted Woodpecker in trees along the ‘Troll Trail’.

A burst of Cetti’s Warbler song from the eastern side of the park and a collection of ducks on the lagoon including the usual Tufted, Shoveler and Gadwall. On the salt marsh were 60 or so Canada Goose including this oddity below.

For more information on birding Wigg Island click here

20.03.13. Odd-looking Goose, Astmoor Marsh, Runcorn. Bill MortonNot the clearest image but nonetheless a bird that was some distance away with the Canada’s and caught my attention. Same size/shape as Canada but with white face/cheeks and throat with short(ish) stubby pink bill. Anyone’s guess what its mother or father may have been?

Hundreds of gulls streaming through at dusk after a day gorging on our waste at Arpley tip. Anyone interested in joining me to watch the gulls flying to roost before the WeBS meeting at Wigg Island Visitor Centre on 18th April I’ll be there from 5.00 pm? Potential for Iceland and Glaucous Gulls and the spectacle of hundreds of gulls moving through is worth it.

Observer and images: WSM

1 thought on “20.03.13. Wigg Island

  1. Surprised the armchair still there it was out on sand bank last WeBS count
    Was the cettis around the scrub in front of tower hide? Herd one calling from there other weekend


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