11.02.13. Birdlog

11.02.13. Birdlog

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA80 Tufted Duck, 150 Common Teal, 134 Mallard, 12 Wigeon and 18 Common Pochard were all present on No 6 tank.

No 3 tank: c15 Ravens were widespread with birds present from Marsh Farm-No 3 tank-Frodsham Score so a conservative estimate.

11.02.13. Buzzard, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton (2)

Common Buzzard (pale morph).

A female Hen Harrier was hunting along the banks by the Pumping Station/Splashing pool.

11.02.13. Merlin & Skylark, Frodsham Marsh. Stuart Maddocks (1)

Merlin v Skylark over No 6 tank.

A female Merlin chasing down a sub-singing Skylark was the cause of the plovers concern? The Skylark was as fit as a fiddler and kept the Merlin at wings length and like always won its aerial dogfight…this time!

11.02.13. Golden Plover V flock, Frodsham Marsh. Stuart Maddocks (1)

Large and small flocks of Lapwings and Golden Plovers were V flying from one area to the next and appeared unsettled, perhaps the presence of the Merlin was the cause of their concern.

Observers: Stuart Maddocks, WSM

11.02.13. the first spring lamb at Fodsham Marsh. Bill Morton


The first spring lamb of the year on No 5 tank. Image by WSM.