28.01.13. Birdlog

28.01.13. Birdlog

28.01.13. Cow, No 5 tank, Frodsham Marsh

A muck maker on No 5 tank this morning.

28.01.13. female Scaup, No 6 tank, Frodsham Marsh. Bill Morton.

Scaup (1st winter) doing what these ducks normally do here and that’s sleep.

28.01.13. Tufted Duks and Scaup (female), No 6 tank, Frodsham Marsh

Scaup (bottom left of picture) with tufties on No 6 tank.

400 Common Teal, 4 pairs Pintail, 32 Pochard, 43 Tufted Duck with only one (1st winter) Scaup viewable from yesterdays birds, 11 Wigeon and 100 Mallard.

100 Fieldfare sharing the ‘worming’ with 800 Starling and 10 Ravens on No 5 tank.

4 Waxwing in trees adjacent to Picow Farm Road Recycle/domestic depot, Runcorn at 10.50 am.

28.01.13. Dead Mink, Frodsham Swing Bridge. Bill Morton.

Driving along the A56 by Frodsham swing bridge in the late afternoon I spotted a Mink roadkill on the kerb edge. Much to the disdain of my partner we parked nearby and I duly picked it up and then carried it to a safe area to get a photograph (above) for your delectation,

.Observer and images: WSM

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