22.12.12. Birdlog

22.12.12. Birdlog

There was enough rain today to float a boat and it wasn’t until 1.30 pm that it abated long enough for some birding on Frodsham Marsh for the remainder of the day.

Zombie Sheep. WSM.

The Zombie Sheep of Frodsham Marsh . There are plenty of ewes on the marsh covered in burs from the Burdock plant and their fleeces are matted with them. So, it’s highly unlikely they will be hand selected by the Uggs Company for their winter collection.

22.12.12. Buzzard drying its wings, No5 tank, Frodsham Marsh. WSM.

Common Buzzard hanging out to dry on No 5 tank.

No 6 tank held the usual species of duck with 67 Mallard, 2 pairs Pintail, 26 Common Pochard, 5 pairs Wigeon, 4 Gadwall, 31 Tufted Duck, 22 Shoveler, 450 Common Teal and a drake Goldeneye.

16 Redshank, 1400 Lapwing and 960 Golden Plover roosting on the tank.

A Sparrowhawk took advantage of the half-light to spook a charm of 400 Goldfinches and, 12 Raven gathered together for the night on No 5 tank.

22.12.12. Starling roost on No 4tank, Frodsham Marsh. WSM.

Part of the massive Starling bait-ball over No 4 tank.

A huge gathering of 10,000 Starlings coming to roost in the trees and reedbed on No 4 tank was really impressive.

All images by WSM