All aboard the Mudlark

All aboard the Mudlark

Following on from Thursday nights WeBS meeting at Wigg Island Visitor Centre in Runcorn. Dermot Smith kindly gave me access to his images from WeBS counts on the River Mersey. I’ll include some more during the course of time on the ‘Frodblog’. Just to whet your appetite, below are a few images of a boat with a birding cruise theme. Not unlike Club Med 18-30 without the sun beds but with plenty of birds on board!

Boat (wader roost). Dermot Smith

Impressive view of the former World Heritage Skyline with an equally impressive boat.

Mersey rust bucket. Dermot Smith

Getting closer reveals some hidden gems.

Wader Boat. Dermot Smith

Even an old rusty tub can provide an undisturbed roosting site for the Mersey shorebirds. All images by Dermot Smith…and no Dermot is not hiding under water it’s just his credit!

All images by Dermot Smith.

For more on the Mersey WeBS counts: