17.11.12. Birdlog (WeBS Count)

17.11.12. Birdlog

7 Waxwings in a hawthorn hedge along Brook Furlong Lane at 10.00 am (SM).

Brook Furlong Lane (birdlog track), where the Waxwings were present this morning.

A first record for the marsh and one of seven Waxwings photographed by Stuart Maddocks. If you’re into fishing enthused with wildlife then you’ll like his blog  http://gonnfishin.blogspot.co.uk/?view=flipcardA

High tide saw 768 Common Teal, 32 Shoveler, 11 Pochard, 9 Tufted Duck, 6 Gadwall and 8 Mallard. Wader wise Golden Plover mustered an impressive 800 in various flocks. 62 Grey Plover, 1,700 Dunlin ,16 Knot and 6 Common Snipe.

Adult Peregrine selecting from the duck menu on No 6 tank. Image by WSM.

With all these waders and ducks about they attracted an adult Peregrine and, a persistent Merlin. The latter species spent a good ten minutes detaching a Dunlin from the main flock and veer it towards Frodsham Hill and out of sight. Presumably it was unsuccessful because, it was attempting the same thing with smaller prey when it was harrying a Goldfinch flock on No 5 tank later. A Sparrowhawk fared similarly in the open on No 6 tank and barely caused a flutter with the Teal feeding there.

16 Raven on No 5 tank and 5 at Marsh Farm and these five moving to the score soon after.

Mixed flocks of 200 Linnet and Chaffinch were field hopping. 700 Fieldfare and Redwing were unsettled and continually on the move. 14 Stock Dove, Jay and a Grey Wagtail were in fields by Ship Street.

A dog Fox stealthy worked its way through the tall grass on No 5 tank.

Observers: Stuart Maddocks, Arthur Harrison, Frank Duff, WSM.

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