Nature Notes #16

Nature Notes #16

Sparky and I spent our day off walking the trails of Delamere Forest and checking out two of the sinister sounding but in reality serene Dead and Black Lakes there.

Green Man Beech Tree Sculpture at the Whitegate car park, Delamere Forest.

We came across this recently carved art work at the end of the Whitegate car park (where the Xmas trees and village is usually situated). On the reverse of the tree is a message, have a look if you’re in the area!

Autumn reflections and colours at Dead Lake, Delamere Forest. WSM.

The first port of call was at Dead lake where we inspected the hornet tree from previous nature notes. The hornets were no longer in residence but the Common Wasps were still active with critters coming and going continuously. To the side of the area is a steep bank which supported several Fly Agaric fungi.

Fly Agaric at Dead Lake (slug damaged), Delamere Forest.

Oak colours at Black Lake, Delamere Forest.

Above image of Black Lake looking anything other than black.

Migrant Hawker Dragonfly (female), Black Lake, Delamere Forest.

The anticipated dragonfly find was more in hope than any real expectation of seeing anything. So, it was a great surprise to find a female Migrant Hawker and just within its extended flying period. She was still attempting to lay eggs but spent most of the time patrolling the warmer west side of the lake.

Correction: The dragonfly labelled Southern Migrant Hawker at Black Lake, Delamere on this post was a typo error and not the mega! Thanks to Paul Derbyshire for drawing my attention to it. A long day, a long night and tired are my excuses. Anyway, it’s been corrected and apologies. WSM.

All Images by WSM.

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