12.10.12. Birdlog & Nature Notes #15

12.10.12. Birdlog & Nature Notes #15

Influx of thrushes including Blackbirds, Song Thrush and 6 Redwing. Also present Chiffchaffs, Blackcaps and Goldcrests along the birdlog road.

Observer: Frank Duff.

An evening walk in fine sunshine around Blakemere at Delamere Forest was rewarded with a fine selection of fungi. Most notable and obvious (although well hidden in bracken) were 10 Fly Agaric Mushrooms. Various Earthstars, Earthballs, Honey Fungi, Russllea spp and a glowing Yellow Stagshorn fungi.

The above image is of an emerging Fly Agaric (amanita muscaria) which has been partially eaten by a slug. That will be one spaced-out slug…Man!

A Fly Agaric (amanita muscaria) in mid stage of development.

Fly Agaric (amanita muscaria at third stage development).

Russula (krombholzii?).

Yellow Staghorn fungi (Calocera viscosa).

Observers: Sparky, WSM.

All images by WSM.