The Missing Links

A collection of links to other sites which you may find interesting.

North West England Sites:

Tides and Times for the River Mersey at Gladstone Dock, add 42 minutes for high water at Hale Head from March-October.

Merseyside Naturalists Association

A different view of the birds on the river with…

Mersey Estuary Conservation Group is a collection of groups concerned with the welfare of the river and its surrounding area.

Cheshire and Wirral Ornithological Society: The site to report your yearly sightings.

Friends of Pickerings Pasture

Emily Traynor a young ecology student taking her first steps into blogging her nature discoveries.

James Walsh is studying at Salford University and covering an area at Salford Quays, Manchester and his blog is new and a work in progress and is close to the new BBC Media City centre there. I’m sure we’ll be seeing him on the telly soon? Check the birds and wildlife of this area on

Richard Smith’s  popular sightings blog covering the Wirral and  the Dee Marshes.

Tony  Conway’s  blog covering birding in and around Merseyside

Phil Wollen’s Hilbre,Wirral and beyond blog.

Nature Sites.

If you are ever at a loss to identify a particular plant/fungi/bird/animal or alien lifeforms give this site a go. If their experts can’t id whatever it is, then… congratulations you have discovered a new species!

ISpot: OPAL/Open University  run the site and it’s free to use!

Fungal Punk Dave is a fun guy to be with on one of his guided walks.

Arkive Images of Nature  some of the best wildlife images and good for finding images of hard to find species.

Wildlife News Xtra

www.wildlifeextra.comThe latest wildlife newsFree guide to where to watch wildlife in the UK .

lazy moth watcher

The Art of Nature: Links to some bird/wildlife artists that have inspired.

Access to the National Gallery and plenty of wildlife/birds to trawel through. Your Paintings

Frederick W Frohawk:  Norfolk born and bred and one of the finest Great Auk pictures ever painted!

Charles Tunnicliffe Cheshire’s finest wildlife artist

Eric Ennion is a firm favourite and inspired John Busby to emulate his style.

Links to other art media:

Steve Young’s Birds on Film site features some the North Wests best birds and more Ross’s Gulls than you could shake a stick at! Check him out at

Nigel Case Photo covering images local to North Cheshire and further a field

Iain Leach has photographed some rare birds from Frodsham Marsh check other bird and wildlife images on his site at

Art for Nature: The Inked Naturalist takes nature to body art. Birding can be a right pain!

Spoon-billed Sandpiper: This is one species we do not want to join the likes of Great Auk, Ivory-billed Woodpecker and Slender-billed Curlew.

WWF appeal to Save the Spoon-billed Sandpiper. We are entirely dependent on your support to see through our hopes of saving the Spoon-billed Sandpiper.

Please support our appeal by clicking here and donating online

Alternatively you can call our fundraising team on 01453 891250.

A site by  to highlight the plight of waders worldwide.