11.08.12. Birdlog

11.08.12. Birdlog.

Hobby over Godscroft Lane and two juvenile Great Spotted Woodpecker in the same area.

Observer: Paul Crawley.

It appears the Ruddy Shelduck have literally gone to pastures new…Well, Pickerings Pasture across the river today.

Evening Watch:

10 Common Sandpiper on the Weaver Bend, 1 Green Sandpiper on Canal Pools and a Little Egret flying in twice, landing once before departing south on No 6 tank and 2 Marsh Harrier and 3 Raven over Frodsham Score. A large female Sparrowhawk unexpectedly put the spooks up a Buzzard when it caught napping on a post.

A juvenile Kestrel was honing it’s hunting skills by avoiding the hovering bit and doing it by foot. The bird was hunting insects on the sandy floor of the tank and had in attendance 18 Wagtails of which there were 15 Yellows keeping an eye on its technique.

Mike Turton, Larry Long, WSM