Paul Crawley (A Birding Banana Skin!)

A Birding Banana Skin

Every birder can recount a tale not unlike this story by Frodsham regular Paul Crawley and although spiced with a little Ancient Greek narrative. I think it will hit home and amuse at the same time.

Paul’s telephone conversation with his wife after a ‘Birding Banana Skin’ from Redwall Reedbed today, 27th July 2012.


“I decided to walk down the side of the cow field and not along the waterlogged track that leads to the Weaver estuary from the old birdlog site, reminding myself of the missing manhole cover en route. Due to the height of the thistles/nettles recalling thick Amazonian rain forest undergrowth. I got distracted and forgot about the exposed manhole cover and without any warning put my right foot into the stinking stagnant water and went flying. My right leg is soaked and my boot is full of smelly putrid water, which attracted Horseflies (Cleggs) and got bitten to death and soaked up to the middle of my right thigh. Luckily, despite being on my back and struggling to get up I didn’t injure myself apart from the nettle stings all over my face.”

“I knew it, I f***ing knew I would fall down this f***ing hole. I went down like a bag of s***t! ! That’s the last time I walk you to work!”

Wifes reply: “Are you ok?”

My reply: “Yes and now my right boot doesn’t smell of cat piss. It smells of the depths of Hades.”

eds. Hades was the Greek King of the Underworld, the god of  death and the dead. A little harsh on Hades, but there again it can smell at times in those manholes!

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